Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What I liked about BFD

My voice is gone, my legs are bruised, the top of by breasts are very very pink from the sun's rays, and my heart is full of joy remembering the weekend.

We arrived at BFD around 11 a.m. music was suppose to start at noon and the band we wanted to see wasn't playing till 1:20 ish. So we booked it over to the autograph table to meet Flobots. The line was short, and we got autographed posters and I gave them my card. I said "This will probably sound lame, but I blog about you," and the black rapper in the group said, "that probably sounds awesome!" and it made me so happy.

Right after that I got my program signed by MGMT and talked to them a little. Then we went to the main stage to push forward and see Flobots.

I love the feeling of being united with total strangers in the need for change. Flobots sang/rapped, "Stand up! We shall not be moved except for a child with no socks and shoes, if you've got more to give than you've got to prove, put your hands up and I'll copy you!."

Since in the band a lot of people didn't know the music and weren't into it, I pushed forward and got in to the part of the crowd that had its hands in the air and was shouting the lyrics. When they sang, "Stand up with shall not be moved, except by freedom fighter bleeding on a cross for you." I shouted along with the people around me, feeling like even if nothing changes, someone heard our cries for change and is working on it. They played their hit, Handle Bars, and the crowd went crazy. They continuously thanked us fro requesting it on the radio and Luke take personal responsibility for getting it on KSLG (even though I pitched the idea to John Matthews and Monica before he requested the song from Jen Savage).

After that played Atreyu, who I found loud, abrasive and unoriginal. Listening to them made me feel angry and a little offended in my soul because it was so dissonant. I also don't like that style of music.

We chill'd at the stage waiting to MGMT, when they came on the sound was all messed up and we couldn't hear them. They got it taken care of and launched into my favorite MGMT song ever, Electric Feel. We all started rocking out and dancing. One of the guys in the band was wearing a ladies sun-dress and tights with a neon green visor, while his counter part on the sythn and keys was wearing the most amazing bright pink white paint splashed patterned pants.

The whole set was wonderful and only wet my appetite to see them play a whole set at a regular venue. For the last song they had dancers come up and the singer jumped into the crowd and i touched his elbow!

After that we took a break and ate some food and then we chilled on the grass and listened to the Kooks, and got into the crowd for Everlast (he played Jump Around and a great Johnny Cash cover song).

We checked out Lyrics Born, then got into the crowd again for Flogging Molly (I almost died in the pit and came out covered in over a hundred different people's sweat).

More re-cooping and sitting on the grass. The guys wanted to watch Cypress Hill, I wasn't impressed, but now I can say I've seen them. Just not a big fan of weed and shooting people, and I believe if the lyrics make sense they matter.

Anyway, to wrap up the evening we saw Santogold, she was amazing. I immediately liked her.
Look her up, she's like M.I.A. in musical and fashion style.

After that we watched a few songs of MSTRKRFT, and left before Moby to beat the crowds.

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