Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mostly Bears - what you won't read in the ER

Hey Folks,

It's 9:19 p.m. I just watched "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" for the first time ever. I'm feeling paranoid and want to speak in short sentences.

Anyway, today I had the pleasure of chatting with Brian Lopez from the Tucson band Mostly Bears.

Mostly Bears got their name out of the Tuscon yellow pages, they pulled a bunch of names out of the phone book and put them in a hat. Then they pulled Mostly Bears out of the hat and it became their band. Apparently the store has been doing much better since then.

Brian said they had an interview in Mostly Bears (the store), which sell... well, mostly bears. He said they were F***'n creepy too, and he couldn't tell if the store owner wanted to kill them, or liked them.

So mostly bears has been described as Radiohead circa 1996 getting in a gang fight with Arcade Fire, so my obvious question for Brian is would Mostly Bears fight Arcade Fire.

His answer was no, because there are like ten people in that band, and Canadians fight dirty. Which is why American hasn't successfully annexed them (JK of course). Plus, he doesn't condone fighting women and there are a few of them.

Eventually, toward the end of the interview (after we had talked about the creepy bear people) he said that they really aren't much for fighting and it would probably be a pretty pussy fight.

He invited me to join so I could take on the "bitches" from Arcade Fire. They seem like nice girls, I don't think I would want to fight them.

The big freak'n question I missed was, would they fight Radiohead? Thom York is pretty scrawny.

There was also a bit about his masturbating habits, which he said are average.

But in all seriousness, Mostly Bears seem like a pretty decent band. I plan on listening to their delightful album until it's memorized and then enjoying their show at the Lil Red Lion on the 5th. Brian assured me they are much harder and rock'n live than their recordings. So we'll have to see.

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