Friday, June 13, 2008

Here's the to do for this weekend!

Hello, Humboldt County.

I have returned from BFD (a one-day music festival in the Bay Area) with a new favorite band. Everyone check out Santogold (electro/psychobilly/poptastic songstress). If you like M.I.A., you will probably love Santogold. She performed with two lady dancers with straight faces and awesome moves while she flirted with the crowd and won all our hearts. She’s exciting and her sound is fresh and fun; I was a fan after the first song.


Friday, June 13

This unlucky date offers a myriad of entertainment options for those of you brave enough to venture out.

At The Red Fox Tavern, you have a variety of hip-hop groups with the Expand Your Roots Tour, featuring Chico group The Resonators (2,446 MySpace friends), local political hip-hop group The Republican Duck Hunters, locals L.C.A. and lots more. If hip-hop is your thing, this is a pretty safe bet for a good time.

It’s the second Friday of June, meaning it’s Arts! Arcata. I suggest parking off the Plaza, maybe in the Safeway parking lot, and walking in. I like to start at Plaza Design because they usually have good music and I like the pretty things in that store. I always hit up Dotty May’s Closet because my friends Leah and Jess and their mom, own it, and they always have hot apple cider and adorable clothes and good art (even though it’s a tiny space). Tonight I will check out the Arcata Exchange because ShinBone (blues/rhythm and blues) will be playing. That kicks off around 6:30 p.m.

If you decide to stick around Arcata, at about 10 p.m., Side Iron (honky-tonk ’n’ roll) (check out the article about them in last week’s e section online) will open for Wayne (The Train) Hancock. According to Hancock’s Web site, he’s “the world’s finest purveyor of junk joint swing,” and has been touring since 1995. Hank Williams III has covered some of Hancock’s material. The cover charge is $15, and only people of legal drinking age in the United States will be allowed in.

Saturday, June 14

Saturday is special for a number of reasons:

1) It’s the Oyster Festival on the Arcata Plaza, which my husband says is just another excuse for Arcata to get drunk, but I say it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon with friend sitting on the lawn slurping oysters or munching fry bread or chewing chicken satay or anything else you can find in the little booths lining the Plaza.

2) It’s my two-year wedding anniversary.

As far as evening fun and celebration, we’ve got one of my favorite Arcata prog-rock bands, Strix Vega, and melo-dramatic-gothic-folk-lady Universalia Jane playing at The Pearl in Eureka in front of their new and oh-so-cool video screen. The artists get to pick the movie playing behind them, and I find it does add a fun visual aesthetic to the show, although it can sometimes be distracting and confusing depending on the movie.

Sunday, June 15

For an all-ages show, check out French Quarter (Arizona visual indie grunge band, 2,104 MySpace friends) with locals Brother Mitya and The Beat Nun at Has Beans in Eureka.

Thanks for reading, and if you have an constructive suggestions, phone me at 707-269-7437. If you have a show you would like to see showcased, e-mail me at and tell me why I should talk about it. Or if you think this column sucked and you wish I would stop writing altogether, keep it to yourself because that would hurt my feelings and you are probably dealing with other stress factors in your life besides this column and it’s not right to take it out on me.

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