Monday, June 30, 2008

Death of Wepeel

“My name is Wepeel, I got a box full of your toys, I’m fresh out of batteries” and they’re done making noise.

That’s right, Humboldt County’s favorite Weezer cover band, is throwing in the sweater after six years of Surf’n to work.

Travis Castner and CJ Stewart enjoyed playing Weezer songs back in 2002 and formed Wepeel.

There has been a revolving door of band mates and with Castner moving to San Francisco, and Stewart wanting to focus on his other band (33 and a third), Stewart wasn’t interested in trying to find a new guitarist to replace Castner.

So Monday afternoon Stewart made an executive decision to end Wepeel and announced the decision on a My Space bulletin. “The other guys probably don’t even know yet,” said Stewart in a phone call moments after the bulletin was posted.

Wepeel is not breaking up because of recently released Weezer, Red Album, “Weezer’s Red album does suck really bad; but I don’t think that has anything to do with it.”

Wepeel played their last show Saturday the 27th at Aunty Mo’s and Stewart said it was mediocre at best.

“(Wepeel) played its course.”


Monica... Media Professional said...


RIP Wepeel. We'll miss you.

I'm gonna go dig out my Blue Album B-Sides, now.


Monica... Media Professional said...
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Monica... Media Professional said...

PS- That was the best lead... like, ever.

Well done, MelodyStoneRockJournalist.

Forevermelody said...

Thanks, I'm rather proud of it.

EkoVox said...

They are mighty fine fellows, I might add.


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