Monday, June 16, 2008

an attempt at a column

For those prepared to rock

People only read my movie reviews

The hardest part of my job is thinking of and executing stories. It requires the most brain power and creativity. My column, while looking up all those bands is time consuming, I don’t have to talk to anyone else to write it. For a story I like to talk to at least three other people.

My movie reviews require even less research and time, I watch a movie and compile my thoughts into sentence form.

Right now I get the most response to my movie reviews. I had people tell me they liked my article, and I say, “Which one?” and they say, “The one on Indiana Jones.”

For one, my review of Indiana Jones wasn’t an article, it was an opinion piece. For two, did you not care about the profile on the local band Side Iron? That story took some work on my part. Having to sit through Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was work alright, but not the same kind.

Ok, so I’m whining. Which is silly because here I am, 22 years old and working my dream job. I get paid to talk to musicians. I’ve hung out back stage with Tegan and Sara, and only because I have this awesome job.

However it’s all meaningless if no one reads it. When I worked at Ramones I wouldn’t make mochas for no one to drink. When I worked at an optometrist I never made glasses for no one to wear. I’m making a product I want people to consume it.

So here’s where I need your help. What do you want to see in E? Is it more visual art cover? More dance? More theater? More video games? More live concert reviews? More concert previews? More band profiles? Or more movie reviews?

Do you want real journalism or more opinion?

Does anyone read my column and think, “That does sound like a good show, I’ll go check that out?”

Let me know. I want to give you want you want to read.


buck calhoun said...

I think you're doing great. I don't even read the movie reviews. If it's between catching a movie, or going to see live music, I'll pick the latter every time. So keep up the good work and I'll keep reading it.

buck calhoun said...

PS I wear my glasses every day. Thank you, Melody!

EkoVox said...


It is so very hard to get people up off of the couch to go out to see a show. I know for people my age,(47) it's almost nearly impossible unless it's a big concert or a fundraiser.

As far as focusing on your peers,
I think you are doing fine. Also, school is out, so your readership relies on the locals.

I do like to read about the local band's backrounds, how they got together and what not.
I thought your story on Side Iron was pretty good.

There will always be the band's fan base and for traveling bands, I guess it could be your job to inspire people to go, but I just don't know how to do that. And a review is very subjective. Just look at Josh Duke in The Arcata Eye.

Personally, I would love to see you cover as many arts and entertainment topics as possible. Dance, theatre, art showings, poetry, all of it. It will show the diversity of the area and not just one aspect.

You know, as they say, a writer writes. Keep up the good work.
You'll find your groove.

Ross Rowley

Joel said...

Hey Melody, I can't number myself among your readers any more, really, but I can offer my 2 cents from working in the Humboldt market for a few years. In my opinion, you have a chance to distance yourself from what everybody else is doing. Every other paper in Humboldt has a scene-y column -- most of which have the word "scene" in them -- and the area doesn't need another columnist writing "let's get out and support Strix Vega" every week. I'm exaggerating a little of course, and really there's nothing wrong with support a local scene, but there is enough of it out there, in my opinion.

Based on what I know about the Reporter, I think you have a chance to fill other niches -- like the last commenter said, dance, art, poetry, etc. If it were me I'd try to move away from what the Eye and the Journal do, just because I suspect the readership might want different things. That's pretty much just a guess on my part, though!

Forevermelody said...

Thanks for reading guys. It's good to know people are out there. I'll keep it up, even if it's just for you three.


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