Friday, May 9, 2008

Strength in Numbers

My evening - Thursday May 8th, Arcata Calif.

There was the plan. KSLG 7th Birthday Party at Humbrews with cake, party games, Monster Women and Dynamite Sweaters. Great.

Luke (my husband) had even agreed to go with me. Which always makes shows a more fun.

So we head over there around 9:30, the place was scarcely populated, but it was early. So we got some beer and parties hats and waited for the festivities to begin.

I also became aware that a band I hadn't heard of, "Strength" was playing at the Jam (my favorite venue). So after The Monster Women played, and cake was served and Dynamite Sweater had played a few songs, I ran over to the Jam to check out Strength. I was so glad I did.

As I was frantically trying to capture the event with my camera I thought, "This pictures are not going to accurately represent how awesome this show is."

Three guys, one singing, one playing guitar and one doing keyboard stuff and they had a CD/loop track thing playing beats and what not. The music was dance/techno/disco/pop/awesome.

What really impressed me was the crowd, or the effect the music had on people. I felt it too. An urge from my soul to dance and groove. There was no stopping it and everyone in the room had succumbed to Strength.

People briefly got up on the bar and started dancing. Since the band was not on the stage, girls got on the stage and danced. The whole crowd was singing and dancing. When Strength stopped playing they put on a CD and everyone kept dancing. No one wanted to stop. The energy was so high people's hair was standing up straight.

I'm just saying the next time Strength comes to town I'm there, and i'm dancing all night long.

The KSLG Birthday party was fun as well, I love cake.

I really enjoyed Dynamite Sweater, high energy, kinda Pixie-ish, with a kick ass tambourine player.

For Pictures of these events check out my photo stream.

Enjoy! Also pick up the Eureka Reporter today for my Arts and Entertainment news by Melody Stone.

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