Friday, March 28, 2008

Scarlet Drop - help a band out!

So my friends from Malta are in this hard core band called "Scarlet Drop," I'm not so much into girl fronted hard core bands. I go all jell-O-y at an acoustic guitar and a girl with minimal range singing absolutely simple songs that make me what to shoot myself for not thinking of that first (I just acquired the "She & Him" album - review to follow soon). So that's my bias, a review anyway since they've been bugging me for it.

Scarlet Drop, is hard, God-centered and dynamic. Graz singing with her deep commanding voice and rocks the guitar, while Leah screams like a demon on crack, also rocking guitar. The combination is unnerving for me, I preferred their pop-punk band "Crucial Truth" and was probably their biggest fan. This is a jolting juxtaposition of strong female vocals and creepy female screaming.

Simon plays bass and is still one of the cutest Swedish boys I know, and very happily married to Graz. I've always been enamored by Simon's steady bass playing and it does well in this context.

The drummer is someone I've never met, but he plays well and keeps the beat, and that's all I can really ask for in a drummer.

Their single is called Metemorphisis and and is about turning into a butterfly, a simple premise, not a lot of hidden meaning in the imagery. Honestly, I get distracted by the jarring shock of Leah's death screams. It's hard to focus on the meaning or the purpose of the lyrics, but that's a style preference. The intro is delightful and enchanting, only to be interrupted by Leah screaming "Like a caterpillar!" and I'm awakened from my enjoyment of the song to being completely disturbed. On the chorus the girls harmonize with full deep voices, and it feels good again.

Something I really respect, after dozens of low energy Humboldt shows, where you feel like you are watching the band practice more than actually performing for you, is that Scarlet Drop values the performance. They've been honing their stage technique and developing interesting jumps, kicks and performance features beyond the music. I rather see a hard-core band live than listen to a recording, and it's the same for Scarlet Drop (not just because they are my friends).

I don't know who does their Album Art, but Kudos, metal-core butterflies and octopus, with red and black, very cool. Although seems like they are trying a little too hard to be hard core.

Their video is a live show.

Here's what I need you to do, regardless of what you think, or what I think of the band, they could use a recording contract, and voting for them on the above link could help them win. I don't know any of the other bands competing so it's an obvious choice.

I love this band with all my heart. I can't wait to see them live. Any critism was done from a personal musical bias, not because I don't adore these girls and what they are doing in the hard-core scene. We need more girl rockers, who are really out there to melt face.

I wish I could write them a glowing essay about how they have saved rock'n roll, so they can put it on their myspace and be proud of thier rock journalist friend, but this is what I have. Sorry.

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