Friday, February 8, 2008

Where to be seen in the Scene

Published in the Eureka Reporter 2.9.07

Oh, the wonderful things to do in Humboldt County. My test results have come back from my Lab of Awesome, and the results are as follows for the weekend of Feb. 8-9.

Friday, Feb. 8

It’s a rare good time for underagers tonight.

Shows for the over-21:
Venue: The Vista, 9 p.m.
Bands: TERRIBLE TWOS (Detroit) — sounds like being electrocuted — 2,910 MySpace friends. Fire Demons — local psychedelic/metal/punk — 189 MySpace friends

Shows for everyone!

Venue: Mosgos, 8 p.m. — Editor’s Pick
Bands: Tao Jonesers (Local) Alternative / Progressive / Acoustic, 111 MySpace friends.
Why should you go to this show? These bands:
Setting Sun (New York), experimental / indie / pop, unusual instrumentation (violin and cello), clever melodies — 25,877 MySpace friends.
Quitzow (New York), experimental / live electronics / pop-ironic, indie club music — 19,553 MySpace friends

Venue: Mazzotti’s
Band: Steel Toed Slippers (jam band/funk) will be having an all-ages CD release party. A rare event indeed. There will be blended nonalcoholic drinks for the young’uns and the bar will be open for the older folks. Steel Toed Slippers are an ambitious high school-age band made up of youths from Arcata and Southern Humboldt. These talented young people’s first CD should be a pretty good show. It’s a good show to go to if you’re with a mixed crowd where some people want to drink. Show starts at 10 p.m. — 1,821 MySpace friends

Saturday Feb. 9

Cultural experiences and indie fun for everyone!

Shows for everyone!

Venue: Arkley Center, 8 p.m., $35/$25
Acts: Arabic concert with Georges Lammam. There will be belly dancing with Shoshanna, Andalee and the Ya Habibi Dance Company. Always fun to watch.

Shows for the over-21:

Venue: Vista’s Indie Fun Extravaganza, 9 p.m., $5 — Editor’s Pick
Bands: The Ian Fays — (ex-Humboldt County girls who signed with a record label and moved to San Francisco) sisters with themed outfits and whispery voices, specializing in Casios and heartache — 3,299 MySpace friends
The Broken Hearts — (local) big-band indie rock with strong girl lead vocals — 505 MySpace friends.
THELITTLESTILLNOTBIGENOUGH — (local) lyrical/folk rock/experimental — 411 MySpace friends

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