Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MC Chris - my love! Pinback, took an instrument I thought as a bass... to a whole new level

A quick review of the MC Chris/Pinback awesomeness.

Anyone who wasn't there missed out on the show of the... season, maybe the year. I dun know. For sure the month. At least.

Anyway. MC Chris had far more energy this time around than when he played at Humbrews about a year ago. He worked the crowd up into a frenzy. Holding the mic out for the fans to scream the dirty words and the choruses. He was laugh out loud funny every time he opened his mouth.

From where I was in the front row the crowd was swooning for this guy who sounds like a 10 year old and raps about Star Wars and Robotussin. Cracked me up.

Pinback took the stage with solemn composer. Rob Crow started playing without saying a word and said very few words the whole set. But the music... wow. The musicianship be beyond reason. During the second to last song Rob Crow was playing the guitar like a bass and Zach Miller was playing the melody on bass. Although I had heard that song numerous times before, It had never struck me the depth of ability these to musicians had with their instruments.

I met both Rob Crow and MC Chris after the show and thanked them for coming. They were both really nice. Rob remembered me from before, and MC Chris apologized for calling me a crazy coked out bitch from the stage.

Show goers left the building with a euphoria unlike your average show high.
I'll post pictures soon.

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