Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rubberneckers and bitching about how late Humboldt Shows start.

For my first real blog. I wrote a review of a Rubbernecker's show for the North Coast Journal. Much love to Bob Doran who has agreed to let me fill the pages of that publication with my opinion.

Oh and this is the pre-edited edition. So it's exactly my words like I wrote them.

The Rubberneckers Last Stand – at the Logger Bar
Dec 15th, 2007

This show reminded me why I try not to go to shows at bars.

Came home from work, tiered. Took a shower made some baked bri, and replenished my energy. Then I went to Mosgos to see Ash Reiter (Feist, Rilo Kiley-ish, singer songwriter from Santa Cruz). This show started at 7:30 and served coffee. My energy and spirits were high. The show ended at around 9 pm and Reiter hung out with the small but agreeable audience.

After that I decided it was time to head out to the Logger Bar to catch the Rubbernecker’s last show in their home bar. I arrived at around 9:45 and the opening band, Universalia Jane, hadn’t even started yet (the show was advertised to start at 9 pm). When the opening band did play I was please with what I heard. The large dramatic sound of Universalia Jane was surprising in relation to the minimal instrumentation of the overall band, keys, vocals and drums. Jane Williams plays keyboard with fervor and belts out lyrics with conviction ranging from high to low in a single line.

As fun as they were it wasn’t dancing/drinking music, and they were an opening band that played for about an hour.

Next played Deric Mendes’s new experimental indie rock band named after a Japanese raccoon dog, Tanuki. The music was soothing and Mendes’s vocals ethereal, which is not what I needed at 11 p.m. As much as I liked the magical music it was getting harder and harder to stay awake. I was also fighting off a cold that night and it was getting painful to stand.

Finally around midnight the Rubberneckers took the stage with luster and authority. People start dancing and the place livened up. It was fairly crowded but there was room to breath, which surprised me. The Rubberneckers’ last show at the Logger Bar is well… “kinda a big deal.”

<--- Rubberneckers Rock'n out! Now, to clear up some confusion, technically the Rubberneckers aren’t breaking up. Brendan Otto reported that the band is going on an “extended hiatus, indefinable in it’s length.” They don’t plan on never playing together again, but their bass player is moving to Thailand where he is originally from. So until he moves back the Rubberneckers are taking a break. Apart from the ungodly hour at which the Rubberneckers started playing and the horrendous state my throat and feet, the moment those cow-punks took the stage I wanted to order a beer and dance my care away. Unfortunately, common sense got the better of my and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it home if I chose that route. Now I’m sitting in a pile of tissues, coughing up my lungs and struggling to breath, but it was worth it. There will be a hole left by the Rubberneckers in our scene. There aren’t many bands that just make you wanna dance like they do. You can’t really hear the words because they are all slurred together but you know they are about drinking. The music is fast and fun and the crowd is always into it. ---------------- Now playing: Iron & Wine - Gray Stables
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David said...

Good article. I've heard of the Rubberneckers, but I haven't heard them. I guess I missed another golden opportunity to get drunk and dance away the night, looking like a fool, but feeling like a stud. It's hard not to love live music in Humboldt County. It's cute. It's homely. It's Humboldt. Rock on.


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