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Damiian Mariio - Webisode for Lemon Television filmed at Redwood Yogurt

Printed in the Times Standard 12/20/07

The Damiian Mariio delivers Hard-hitting Talk Show
Dealing with issues from Santa to Sex
(not at the same time)

Damiian Mariio Lang demonstrating a frustrated face ---------------------------------->

After Redwood Yogurt closed on Tuesday the 18th it came alive with the late-night improve comedy talk-show The Damiian Mariio Show. Or as Damiian Mariio Lang himself said, “It’s an unformatted, spontaneous masterpiece of laughter and intrigue.”

The Damiian Mariio Show was tapped for an Internet television channel called Lemon Television. The site will launch January 21st 2008. There have been two webisodes filmed of the Damiian Marrio, the first at Stardoughs in Blue Lake with the mayor of Blue Lake being one of the guests. Lang wants to have a public community member on each show.

The show filmed on Tuesday featured St. Nicholas (Santa Clause) and a fictional author of a fictional book called Penis Peace.

Lang started by picking out interesting bits of the news paper and reading the headlines to the live audience and camera in a very talk show host-y way. He made jokes and engaged the audience.

During his interview with St. Nicholas he asked why there wasn’t more love giving outside of people’s immediate social circles. He had the audience find someone they didn’t know and ask them what they could do for that person. The person then asked for something. One gentleman got a backrub, just because he asked. Damiian Mariio asked that a terrific review get written up about the show even though it was sparsely populated that night. He also wanted a camera crew and a video editor for web.

He had Paul Baker as a guest on the show and Paul posed as a writer of the book Penis Peace, which made it on the “top of the Lithuanian Best Selling Most Provocative American Book list.” The book is all about talking to people to try and figure out what sex is. They discussed this concept and asked questions to the audience, like if a penis vertically touches ones lips, is that sex? “Horizontal touching” was decidedly “intent to enter the mouth and therefore sex in the heart,” according to Paul Baker posing as the author of a book Lang found on the ground with a colorful rainbow penis in an equally colorful peace sign.

Lang had found random objects on the sidewalk (Penis Peace included) and worked them into the conversation and gave them away to the studio audience. Although he did not give away the book that was said to be on “Lithuanian Best Selling Most Provocative American Book list.”

Damiian Marriio Lang had many grocery store clerks on separate occasions tell him he should be a talk show host. Then when he was moving to L.A. an urge inside of him told him he should try to become a talk show host. This didn’t end up being what happened in L.A. When his friend Zach Rouse called him and asked if he wanted to start an internet television station, Lang was all for it if he could have his own talk show. So he moved back to Blue Lake and Lemon Television started the birthing process.

Rouse and Lang wanted Lemon Television to be an aspect of the community. If someone needs a job, that person could come on to the show and pitch them selves. If someone wants to share Lang wants interesting and normal guests on his show.
Lang wants to see many more shows added to the Lemon Television family. Lang said, “What I would like to see produced on Lemon Television – a children’s panel on worldly affairs and an elder’s panel on worldly affairs, and for those panels to come together and discuss sometimes, and a half an hour of positive real news only. In general the station is for Humboldt Co. to use as a venue for creativity, information, and education.”

Right now Lemmon Televisions has some wants and needs. Lang wants a bigger venue so he can have a band, and a standing monologue. They also would love more volunteers. So if you’ve ever dreamed of being on Internet Televisions give Damiian Mariio Lang a call. They also invite more people to come out for the taping of the shows. It’s an interactive thing and it doesn’t work without the community.

Lin-Z Clifford viewed that night at the show. While the show is not just a viewing experience, and Clifford was eager to offer up suggestions when the improvisations lagged like, “How about we give each other compliments.” So someone complimented her rainbow outfit, she in turned complimented that person’s blonde hair all pinned back. So even though she didn’t have any camera time she was an integral part of the show, along with any audience member willing to speak up. She especially liked the call and response part of the show, where the audience shouts out a topic and Lang waxes eloquently, or clumsily about that topic.

This was Clifford’s second Damiian Marriio taping. “I’m really anxious for it to be on the Internet,” she said, “because right now it seems kind of immature.”

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