Friday, February 27, 2015

I Shot First - A Han Solo Halloween

This past Halloween I wanted to do something inherently sexy. Who is sexier than Han Solo? Answer: no one.

I started with pictures of Han. Specifically from "A New Hope."

Here are the elements:
  • Off white, mandarin-collar shirt 
  • Black/navy vest
  • Dark pants with red stripes
  • Black boots (I already owned a pair)
  • Belt and holster
  • Blaster

I started at Thrift Town, where I found a pair of dark slacks, a shirt, and a black suede jacket. I think I spent around $12. I cut the sleeves off the jacket and used red duct tape for the stripes. 

I ordered a toy blaster online, it only comes in white and orange. So I had to spray paint it. I used this tutorial.

If I was going to go further with this costume I'd make a replica of the belt, like this awesome woman did.

Luke really wanted to be Luke this year. His costume was a little more tricky. We bought a karate uniform online, he used a pair of khaki pants he already had and we tried to make the boots out of Ace Bandages, but that didn't work. The wig is really what makes his costume for me. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rare Early Nirvana Footage Screened At The Crest

The iconic grunge band, Nirvana, played Sacramento three times before the lead singer’s death in 1994. The first performance took place at a little venue on Folsom Blvd. called The Cattle Club on February 12, 1990.
Concert organizer Jerry Perry had heard the band’s first album, Bleach and knew he wanted them in for a show… but he didn’t know much else about the Seattle-based group.
Concert -poster
“We didn’t know what to expect, we didn’t know how old these guys were or anything,” said Perry. “They were cool guys, fun guys.”
It was a Monday night and there were about 65 people in attendance.
“It was just an explosion. They were this little band out of Seattle,” Perry said. “It was a great time. You felt like there was this roar coming back into the music scene. Here came Nirvana and it was really something. I loved them instantly.”
With a lot of Cattle Club shows there was a video camera set up in the corner of the stage. This night an electrical cord bisected the frame. Fortuitously, Shayne Stacy was also shooting video from the front of the crowd.
In 2010 Perry’s friend, Jim McLain, took both recordings and pieced them together along with an audio-cassette recording from that night. The sound is woven together from all three sources and the images go back and forth from Stacy’s hand held to the wall mount.
It all comes together to form what Perry believes is the first two-camera video of a Nirvana concert. It was the seventh show of the band’s first tour, which Perry screened at the Crest Theatre Sunday afternoon.
“There was no knowing where things were going to go in the next three years, and how these guys were such a vital change in the music industry. But at that moment it certainly suggested bigger and better things to come. It was pretty amazing,” said Perry in his introduction to the film.
Nirvana came back in August of 1990 to open for Sonic Youth at the Crest. They played the following year as an opener for Dinosaur Jr, also at the Crest.
“Nirvana outdrew [Dinosaur Jr.] like crazy,” said Perry. “This was just a grassroots explosion these guys were riding. When they finished half the crowd left... About five months later they put out [the album] Nevermind.”
It was at the Dinosaur Jr. show that Nirvana was left alone in the dressing room with a can of green paint and proceeded to make a giant mess - leaving behind green footprints on the wall. Those footprints remain there today, leaving a little piece of Kurt Cobain in Sacramento.
After the Sunday screening, ushers escorted groups into the basement to pose with Cobain’s footprints.
2014-10-26_Nirvana At The Cattle Club (Crest Theatre )IMG_9743
The crowd looking at Kurt Cobain's footprints in the basement of the Crest. Cody Drabble / Capital Public Radio
2014-10-26_Nirvana At The Cattle Club (Crest Theatre )IMG_9747
Mindy Sage poses with the rock-star foodprints. Cody Drabble / Capital Public Radio
It was clear from the turn-out for a last-minute screening of a 25-year-old camcorder recording of a concert - Nirvana still resonates with a lot of people.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CapRadio Music - It's Been A Busy Summer

It’s been an eventful summer for me, dominated by the launch of in June.  Since this page has been pretty dark I thought I'd share some  of the most read stories of the summer:

Sacramento Man Directs “Weird Al” Yankovic Video: We tracked down Jarrett Heather, state worker and amateur animator, and talked to him about his experience working on “Weird Al’s” parody video, “Word Crimes.”

Dave Brubeck: A Famous Jazz Dad Who Never Lost His Family Focus: For Father’s Day Paul Conley put together a story about the jazz legend as a dad.

Gypsy Jazz Scene Robust After 80 Years: Steve Milne brought us a snapshot of the local gypsy jazz scene by talking to members from Hot Club Faux Gitane and Jazz Gitan.

Skills To Pay The Bills: Sacramento Musicians And Their Day Jobs: I rode my bike all over the city to interview musicians about what they do to fund their music habit. - This story was carbon neutral. 

Behind The Choral Audition: Sacramento Sings Its Heart Out: Over the course of investigating how a choral director picks the right participants, Cody Drabble gets recruited to sing.

You can find all these stories and more music news, reviews, and commentary on

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Feral Cats of Discovery Park

I had the privilege of creating the graphics for a fascinating story on Capital Public Radio about the impact feral cats have on the ecosystem.

Our healthcare reporter, Pauline Bartolone, did an awesome job collecting all the information and fleshing out the story and Andrew Nixon, our multimedia producer, shot some awesome photos.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sacramento Residents - Here's your new watering schedule!

As you know we're in a drought.

I made this graphic for to explain when to water your lawns.

Sacramento Wizard World Convention

Chris Claremont Signs AutographsBrowsing The BooksSteam Punk AccessoriesComic SelectionSearching For ComicsPaolo Rivera Works On A Commision
Paolo RiveraMelissa PagluicaMelissa Pagluica's Wizard World PosterChris ClaremontWizard Con PanelsHello, Predator.
Scottie McPherson Without The Mask

Sacramento Wizard World Convention. Chris Claremont signs autographs, fans browse comics, Paolo Rivera sketches commissions, local illustrators get a chance to shine, cosplayers show off their crazy looks - everyone has a good time at the inaugural Sacramento Wizard World Convention.

Read the full story on :

Friday, January 31, 2014

Drought, Museums and California Politics

So my new jobs puts in me in all sorts of exciting stories. As a digital content producer I don't have specific beat, instead I support the reporters to make sure they're work shines online.

Here are some pieces I've worked on I'm particularly happy with.


In case you haven't noticed, California is in a history drought. It rained this week, but after months of dry weather the welcomed wetness isn't enough to reverse the damage, yet. We put together a collection of drought related stories and I made a nifty graph to show where Folsom Lake is suppose to be and where it is this winter.

The drought is impacting ranchers as well, normally we'd have grown plenty of grass for livestock, this year, not so much. 

So those are my drought graphics. 


Tomorrow is free museum day! I had a lot of thoughts about this topic, I'll save them for a different post. I worked with Capital Public Radio's Bob Moffitt on this story, he wrote the story part, I did the map, chart, and, the part I'm most proud of, the lead.

"What sparks your interest? Art? Trains? History? Pharmacies? Public Utilities? Well, museums covering those topics and more are opening their doors to the public for free, this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m."

It's the little things, isn't it? Hey, this blog has always been a sort of brag book about what I'm doing at work. Even when I was unemployed and just dressed up and took pictures of myself for a month.

California Politics

I bet you were all on the edge of your seats during Jerry Brown's State of the State Address? Right? I bet you also had a hunch that former TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) rock-star, Neel Kashkari, was going to declare his bid for the California governors race... right?
Well, you might not be as wonky-nerdy as we are at CapRadio, but you might still enjoy this timeline I made outlining Kashkari's professional accomplishments. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Adventures At SacAnime

Since starting my job as a digital content producer at Capital Public Radio I've been pretty focused on being the best digital content producer I can be. Which cut into the digital content I was producing for myself.

I'm very happy with the work I'm doing, I love the company and I feel like I'm doing exactly what's right for my skill sets... and, every once in a while, I'll get an assignment (or push to do) something I'm really excited about, this week it was SacAnime.

I find myself wasting hours on cosplay sites and Facebook pages, just being in awe of the elaborate costumes and how much work it must take to create them, so given the chance to do my own round up of my favorite costumes from a con, I couldn't pass it up!

I put together the line-up (with videos) over on

Here's a slideshow of all my favorite photos from the weekend.

And here's some Link Love to a couple girls on Artist Alley.

This is Melody Wang dressed as Korra from Avatar The Legend of Korra, with attitude and all! I love this booth. The art was pretty cute too and she had an adorable knitted Catbug!

Allow me to introduce Sacramento illustrator Melissa Pagluica, I've followed her on Facebook for sometime, her work is breathtaking. 

So that's that... It was a fun and hectic couple hours running around the con to collect all the images, audio and video I needed for this story - but that's the life I love.

If I do ever cover a con again I just want a little extra notice so I have time to get an April O'Neil costume. I feel like that's the most appropriate garb for a journalist at a con. 

And I leave you with this... because I thought it was so adorable!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Costuming for a Dr. Who Party

Since I'm throwing a Dr. Who themed party for my birthday I thought it best to help people figure out some party ensembles. So here's a handy guide to the various costume options available within the show.

Here we have the most recent Dr., played by Matt Smith. He's famous for his love of bow ties and stylish tweed. 

Companions are always a reasonable place to look for costume inspiration and since most of them are from modern day England, you're bound to have clothes in your closet to resemble an ensemble from some of the most memorable Dr. Who moments. Like this one when Rose Tyler and the 10th Dr. say goodbye.

Rose Tyler Cosplay

Here's a Cosplayer doing a bang up job recreating that moment.

We can't talk about Rose without talking about David Tennent's Doctor. Here's an amazing couple's cosplay with the two of them:

For David Tennent's Doctor, you're going to need a long brown over-coat, with a waist coat and converse shoes. 

Or maybe you're a Rory and Amy Pond fan - well those costumes are super easy to recreate. 

Here's some more Amy Pond inspiration:

You've got your classic, all-american, Impossible Astronaut costume as well as a whole mess of Ponds.

One of my other favorite Who-characters is River Song. Here are a couple delightful cosplayers as Ms. Song.

Maybe you're not a Whovian, you can always just opt for a celestial style with these galaxy print dresses from Modcloth.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

LAUNCH Sacramento - my highlights

It seems every year I live in this city it just gets better and better. The city brought back the bike bait program to crack down on nasty bike thieves. The coffee shop near my house started accepting credit cards and the LAUNCH music and arts festival took place last weekend!

I had the extreme privilege of attending with VIP passes because my very amazing friend, Kari Shipman, of Juniper James was the vendor coordinator. It was a huge job, but she made it look effortless and everything ran so smoothly. I can't be more proud of her. 

She's been involved with this Festival for at least four years, as long as I can remember the Festival taking place. This year was by far the biggest and best it's been - although it gets progressively better each and every year. 

The line-up had some huge names, drawing people from all over. Seriously, I ran into my freshmen year english teacher, who's now a comedian in San Francisco. 

My point is, LAUNCH is an incredible emerging festival and I'm so freaking proud of my city.

Here are my weekend highlights according to my Instagram account:

Obviously the music was a big highlight. Minus the Bear was probably my favorite set. I also loved Cults, Doomtree, Dessa, Blonde Redhead and Imagine Dragons. We ended up leaving before Girl Talk (still kicking myself for that one).

Best part of the whole weekend? Being with my friends. It's so rare to be able to be at a festival listening to awesome band with a huge chunk of your closest friends. Thank you LAUNCH!

Another highlight - the food! They had LowBrau in the BFF (vip) lounge and Drewskis was one of the food vendors. Drewskis is famous for their mac & cheese, pulled-pork, grilled cheese sandwich. I prefer the brie and apples on whole wheat with almonds and honey.

The view from the BFF lounge. I forget which band was playing at the time, but it was so much fun looking out over the crowd, seeing people I knew and watching everyone enjoy the music.

I mentioned that Kari did the vendor coordinating and this is just one of the many awesome things available for purchase at LAUNCH. I got this temporary tattoo at Cuff's Boutique, I kinda wish it was real.

Yet another highlight - the atmosphere. The event creators went out of their way to make sure the venue was a magical, inspiring, space. For a little sliver of time Cesar Chavez park was transformed in a whimsical land of innovative art installations. I especially loved the Tapigami installation.

And my final highlight is being with my wonderful husband, Luke. I love this guy.

I can't wait to see how they out do themselves next year. Bigger bands? Bigger installations? Who knows? But I bet it's going to be AWESOME.


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